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One more blog to check out

One of my favorite clients, whose photos can be seen all over this blog and on my website, started a great wedding blog herself. Lots of great tips, links and DIY tips. Check it out.

This is Chandra, her and husband Jonathan are awesome, and just a little bit photogenic

chan.jonathan270 682x1024 One more blog to check out

chan.jonathan018 682x1024 One more blog to check out

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Hints and Tips for your wedding day

I have been thinking about this subject and what advice I could give to people for their wedding day relating specifically to the photography.  I am going to throw some things out there, stream of conscious. Some tips may seem obvious others maybe not but as often as I am asked this question I decided it is worthy of an entire category.

*RELAX, it is so obvious, but so important, if there is only one thing to keep in your mind on your wedding day as a whole and especially while being photographed. It shows when you are stressed, or your mind/eyes/energy is elsewhere. Take a deep breath, everything else will wait. RELAX

* A shot list to refer to during the formal shots will help everything to run smooth

*Allow yourself enough time, I am sensitive to not wanting to being away from your cocktail and reception time but do give at least 30 minutes to shoot with the just the two of you, a lot of that time might be going from one location to another.

*Think about lighting. Mid day is the worst time to shoot (harsh shadows). If you have any control over this part of the day try to schedule your portraits early or later in the day.

*THE KISS…. That beautiful moment in the ceremony, when you kiss for the first time as a married couple, hold it. Doesnt have to be a make out session but hold it for a few seconds. It is a great photo moment, the more (photo) options the better.

*BACK DOWN THE AISLE. Same idea as the kiss, this is photographically one of the best times of the ceremony. Take your time, no need to run. Look up. Look around. Look at each other. No need to look at the ground.

*BE NATURAL. I know it is easier said than done when you have someone staring you down with a camera, but it is important. Look at each other, look at me, look around. The goal is for you to look great and also capture something special between you. If you are not the type to run and jump around or contort yourself into crazy poses, then don’t. Stay yourself.

*Let me kick everyone else out. Most people find it difficult to be photographed with an audience. Let me tell everyone to go away. Its okay they will forgive you and I can be the bad guy.

*FORMAL PORTRAITS. As a rule of thumb closer is better. I like to mention being a little bit closer than what feel natural. This applies to group shots as well as couple shots. What feels like a normal space in a photo looks like a huge gap. Cozy up.

*NO TALKING, seriously, often when I tell people to relax they start talking, that may feel natural but let me tell you, not so pretty in the photograph. Look at your self in the mirror while you talk. See what I mean. I want you to be natural but not that natural.

*Have a last dance or something nice towards the end of the wedding, a grand exit, a group hug, fireworks, a kiss. It is a great way to end your album and those photos are priceless

Hopefully you find this helpful, I could go on and on with little nuances and I will add things as I think of them. The main objective is for you to enjoy your wedding day and it will come through in the photos. I don’t like to give heavy direction, I like being there for the moments. If you see me out of the corner of your eye you don’t have to turn and smile, most likely I am there waiting for “that” moment to come.