Relaxed, Modern and Candid

I am consistently asked to describe my approach to photography. It is not a coincidence that these words also describe myself as a person.

Relaxed: A wedding day can be stressful. I don’t want you to feel that stress. I approach things with a relaxed (but professional) attitude and want to capture you as yourself.I am not there to mold you into someone else. I am there to capture YOU with your real emotions in the most natural and comfortable way possible.

Modern: To me modern is not trendy. Trends are fleeting. I shoot with a fresh approach and modern edge. That is why you wont see heavily retouched images, cartoon-like colors. Modern and classic should live together to reflect your own style. You will enjoy your images and album for years to come without having to explain to your grandkids why your face is blue.

Candid: Candid is not a style it is about honesty. I don’t want to control your wedding I am there to capture it with my own slight interpretation. I want you to see all of the same emotion, excitement and fun you, your family and guests experienced.

So there you go, the ever difficult task of trying to put into words what I feel comes natural to me through my work. If this describes you as well I am sure together we will produce something spectacular.