About Me

This is the part I hate.

How can I possibly sum up ME. Should I go personal, keep it professional, talk about work, experience, philosophies of work and life. I think I should just keep it simple.

I live in Los Angeles, Silverlake to be exact. I love it here and I wouldn’t chose any where else in LA.

I have been shooting weddings for 10 years. It happened by accident,
after graduating art school, Otis Art Institute, I traveled, worked
for photographers, shot lots of bands, c level celebrities and random
business men and woman. I finally fell into something that completely
suits me. It satisfies my artistic, voyeuristic and observing nature.
It is social in a way that is more fun than actual socializing. I get
to see people from all backgrounds and cultures, be a part of their
personal lives and document a day that they, their family and friends
will remember forever. It truly is fun, exciting and fulfilling.

When I am not shooting I travel, eat, drink and play. I will try to
refrain from ramblings on good food and wine, although I cant promise

Look around hopefully something here will entertain, inspire or touch you in some small way.

I love feedback, so feel free to leave some.


check out more of my work at http://www.jenniferroper.com/

I also update my facebook fan page Jennifer Roper Photography