It truly is special to me when people go out of their way to send me a card, write a review or an email of appreciation. Here are some kind words I have received

“I know that every couple thinks their shots are the
best and most gorgeous pictures in photographic history, but
I really think you out did yourself at our wedding.”-Liz and Joel


I have no idea how you captured every feeling, every color, every special moment from our wedding.Nate and I are blown away. Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures.  I am so excited to look through them again and again….
Thank you so much for making living memories of the best day of my life!”
-Julie and Nate

Jennifer is amazing cool and so personable and easy to work with My wedding pics are amazing and I am still getting complimented on them to this day! – Lily and Russel

Jennifer is a wonderful photographer who not only takes beautiful shots, but listens to her clients, works with you, is flexible, sweet, and a great value. She is the best vendor we picked for our wedding and I cannot say enough great things about her! You will NOT regret selecting her as your wedding photographer!- Chandra and Jonathan

After searching high and low and interviewing literally tens of photographers….Jennifer was by far the best. Her work captures the feeling and emotion of our wedding in a way that few others could. She uses unique angles, has a keen eye and manages to make each photo a work of art. We could not have been more impressed by her professionalism, her vision and how well she blended in to our event. Our friends were shocked when they saw the pictures, they couldn’t remember “a photographer” being there.  She was invisible but captured every nuance. People always say “These are the best wedding pictures I have ever seen”- Julie and Jeff

“i can’t say enough good things about
Jennifer. I am a professional photographer &
I was really having a hard time choosing who to cover
our wedding. As you have already noticed, her
extraordinary talent lies in how she is able to focus
on the emotion and real events of the wedding- not
some formulaic rendition. I have very high standards &
I am really picky, largely because as a photographer I
have both technical skill and vision. Jennifer has
more than this– she has what I would call a sixth
sense for capturing those spontaneous moments.”


Jennifer’s energy, professionalism and creativity make her simply awesome to work with! She has a unique approach to her photography and service that I didn’t find in any others. Her incredible ability to “tell a story” through her images amazed me…she captured endless moments that really represented the spirit, emotion and experience of my wedding. This talent is complimented by her her calm and fun attitude…which made me feel relaxed and cool throughout the day. All this at a fantastic value!-  Elizabeth and Steve

I couldn’t be more thrilled to be published in So Cal Brides Magazine. It is always nice to be published but this specific wedding will ALWAYS be one of my favorite weddings. Laura and Craig are such fun awesome people and every ounce of them showed in their wedding. It was one of the coolest and fun weddings I have ever been to. The entire wedding is in the archives. But even better here is their slideshow

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